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WebBorG is Born

Well the hardest thing is acomplished. The blog is created. All I needed was a liiitle push to create my blog. This is my seccond attempt to start blogging, hopefully more successful.

WebBorG? Well, not CyBorg since I'll be dealing with web here and I'm also a fan of star trek so Borg are cool from there. And also if you use my name - BORis Gomiunik you can also come up with BorG. :)

I've been trying to start with my own blog for weeks now. I have quite a lot to share with you.

So what is this going to be about? Since I'm a web developer for B4Contact - a company that is a great deal specialized in customizing user experience with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), I've come across some tricks, tools, tips, howto-s and similar. And I want to share this with you.

Also: I love JavaScript. Untill now I could make almost all I needed with it. So WSS and JavaScript go together in a perfect harmony. And I'll prove it to you.

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