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Update to previous post - offline active content

If you'll be making the offline version of a website and you're thinking to include the active content like Flash or JavaScript (or both) you can surely use the Mark of the Web, which I've described in the previous post.

There is a catch though. You can't make the mark of the web for pictures. So if you'll be linking from your web pages directly to some images it won't work! The Internet Explorer security will block it.

The only way I could link "directly" to the image was to put the image into an empty page, equip the page with "mark of the web" comment and then link to that page.

If anyone knows a better way to resolve this, I'd be more than happy to read about it. You can let me know in the comments.


Active content blocked when having page offline

Another issue when making offline web pages is the Windows XP service pack 2 issue, which blocks active content like javascript or flash animations.

When viewing offline page that contains flash animation or JavaScript with Internet explorer you can run into a problem. A yellow security bar or a notification about blocking active content.

Microsoft has an official workaround for this, named "Mark of the Web comment". Here's also description of it in Adobe's site.

To make it short. If you don't want your users to be troubled with this, just add the following to the top of your html code:

<!-- saved from url=(0013)about:internet -->


<!-- saved from url=(0022)http://www. yoururl .com -->

(the number in brackets represents the length of your URL - including http://)

This tells Internet Explorer to treat the page like Internet zone for which usually has the permissions for active content.

Verify all hyperlinks on your website

I had to do an offline version of a website recently and ofcourse once you have the site on a CD it's too late to make changes to it. That's why you have to absolutely sure that all of the links work.

SharePoint Designer and FrontPage have a great tool for checking this. First if you're using SharePoint Designer, you have to verify that it's using metadata to manage content on your website. To do this select the Site Settings command in Site menu. On the General tab make sure the Manage the Web site using hidden metadata files is checked. 


Next click the Web site tab and below select the Reports view. Under Problems category select Hyperlinks.

FrontPage or SharePoint Designer will display all the links in the website and check if they're broken. If you have a broken link you don't even need to open the page. Just right click the broken hyperlink and select Edit hyperlink.

And when you fix the link, just click the button Replace.

A very nice feature that can save you couple of hours of clicking through and checking bad links.

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New Screen Hunter

Remember my post about screen capturing software? Well There is a new version of screen hunter available. Now with even nicer interface, better options for capturing, etc. And still free for personal or business use. Great work, guys!

Click here to review and download it.


Skip Multiple Pages in SharePoint paged view

If you have more than 200 items and paged view displaying only 100 items in SharePoint, you can skip to the last or any page you wish. Here's how:

  1. At the bottom of the page copy the shortcut to next page
  2. Paste it in your URL (should look something like javascript:__doPostBack...
  3. Change the number at the end to the position number you want to start: for example: to display page 7, starting with item 701 enter 701.

True, this works in SharePoint 2. If someone knows how to achieve this in wss3, my comments are open :). If not, maybe I'll figure out how.


Is (part of) your website slow?

You've checked the line... You've checked the connection... All perfect. But still noticing your website loading slowly?

Maybe all is perfect but there's only one component loading slowly. With this perfect tool you can measure how long it takes for each part of your website to load.

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