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SharePoint list view filtered by ID

For some time now I was experimenting with the SharePoint Blog template. Did you notice, how when viewing the post under permalink you also have the related comments?

Being curious I continued to research, found that there are no web part connections. But when editing the web part current view, I've discovered a beautiful thing!

Now there is besides [Today] and [Me] that you can use for filter value, also [ID]. Perfect for making display forms and related contents. So now in new SharePoint you can filter also by ID passed in URL parameter.

Let me run that through again: First when setting up a list view, set up the filter with the following value: ID is equal to [ID]

When the list view is set, now you can use the ID parameter in the listview:

And the list view is going to display the item with that ID.


Protect your email from spammers

If you've suddenly started to receive a lot of spam, check if you've written your email address somewhere on the Web. This can be dangerous, a published email address on the Internet can be harvested by special bots. There are ways to protect yourself and still publish the email so anyone can write you without a hassle.

If you're a FrontPage user, you can use a good plugin - Jimco Spam Spoiler. (There are other useful plugins for FP there also)

Other solutions for encrypting your email from harvest bots are:

Thanks Jose for sending me the links above.


SharePoint Designer watches over our code?

Today I was making some custom scripting for one of our customers. And after finishing the code, I saved it and tried to preview... And nothing happened. Double-, triple- checked the code and all should be in order... Then at the end I've discovered some interesting feature or bug which tries to fix the code.

In the video below pay special attention to what happens to the </script> tag after I save the document.

The video is a bit fuzzy because of resizing, but Yes! The </script> tag automatically disappears even though it should be there. Probably calling the dvt_1.body template between confused the designer.

Anyone know a fix or how to turn this feature off? Right now I opened the site in FrontPage and there it doesn't care. :)


Blog easier

Even though all of the blog providers enable very easy posting to blog, I still prefer to do it offline. One option is already presented - with Word 2007, which really simplifies the posting and work with pictures.

Another good program for blogging is Windows Live Writer. And I'm using this one. Why this one? Because it has some really neat features, a lot of plugins available, etc. A nice thing is that it can also ping the servers for you, so you don't have to do it manually. Below is a list of ping servers I've found. In writer you enter those under Tools --> Preferences --> Ping servers:

What would be also very neat is that it would be able to post to SharePoint (so I could use it also for my other blog). Other thing is that it could have those neat effects for pictures and save pictures also to SharePoint Library.

On the other hand Word is missing the auto ping functionality, editing the code, etc. So: Word team and Writer team: please get together and exchange knowlege :)

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Create comics online

Lately I'm noticing lots of sites passing information in a new way - with the aid of comic books! I like the Idea! Below you have some samples:

The Meatrix

The Enchanted Office

Genuine Fact Files

Creating (static) comics is no problem for mac users, While there also exists some programs for Windows I've found a very nice online service that lets you create simple comics - online. You can even create comics anonymous. But registration brings benefits, like strip blogging, Here is a simple example that I've created in minutes.


SharePoint Document Library showing only folders and top-level items...

Today I was moving the videos for our e-learning portal Piflar to the new Windows SharePoint Services. And after moving videos for couple of hours - all one by one, not to break the links in data views, I start on working on the data view to display the videos. And I get terrified! The data view is showing only the folders I've created and videos that were in the main folder. So after first shock I've discovered what to do:

1. After inserting the data source click on the name of the data source in the Data Source Details pane to open the properties dialog.

  1. After inserting the data source click on the name of the data source in the Data Source Details pane to open the properties dialog.

  2. In the Item and folder scope dropdown select value RecursiveAll.


And all my data is back! Happy SharePointing :)


Embed videos in your page

Google Video, SoapBox, YouTube and some others nowadays offer you a grrrreat way to publish your videos online and embed them in your site. But each embedded video has the logo of the service provider. You can also embed your own streaming video with all the free tools.

Step 1. Record and edit the video. For editing you can Windows Movie Maker is a super tool. Here you can learn a lot about Movie Maker.

Step 2. Encode your video into flv. For encoding I've discovered a great free tool: Riva flv encoder. With this tool it's really simple to encode the flw so if you can't afford Flash with video encoder, this is a super alternative.

Step 3. Upload your .flv. Use your website space to upload the flv video.

Step 4. Embed a free video player. Jose found a very nice looking online flv embedable player on Advanced Flash Components. We're also using the commercial version on Here's a link to the free embedable flv player. There you also find the instructions on how to embed the player into your website.

Below is a sample for one of the videos that I've edited on the fly some time ago for B4Learning - now is Piflar's Web.

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Turn off the lights

Don't forget today to turn off the lights. Read more about it here. Also if you can please help me spread the word about the survey of how much you saved by sending e-cards.

Maybe some of us will also turn off servers ;-).

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