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Making "Post" and "Get" forms from SharePoint’s pages

Recen project we were working on needed some forms to be posted to certain services. Knowing that SharePoint's pages are one big form and you can't nest another form inside another this starts becoming a problem.

But I remembered a while ago I was watching how the guys over at MSN spaces did it with the "Blog this" functionality. So based on this I've made similar script and methodology so you can create "forms" that make POST or GET from within SharePoint's Pages. The script is not fully automated, since it directly works only in IE, but with minor additions specific to your form, you can get it working easily in other browsers also.

Read all about it over at my new blog



Group items in a data view with the ability to nest items

In case you've missed it I've written a new article over at my new blog, which shows step-by-step process to group items. The difference between this method and the method the SharePoint Designer uses is - you can use nested elements (like nested lists, nested divs, etc.), which is fantastic for some navigation items, etc.)

See how to group items a bit differently over at my new blog

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