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SharePoint site and multiple domains - alternate access mappings is the way

This is an update to one of my older posts - SharePoint 3 is bound to host headers - I was explaining the problem how the SharePoint binds itself to one host header and a simple trick to avoid this. There is a better way to add another host header to the web application:

On the Server in SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration select Operations tab and select Alternate Access Mappings under Global Configuration.

Now change the web application you want to edit public URLs for by using the dropdown on the right hand of the page

Next click Edit Public URLs

And now enter full URLs (including http:// or https://. You can add up to 5 URLs to which the web application will respond


At the end also add the host headers to the Website in the Internet Information Services manager.

Note that this works on the web application level. If you have site collections with custom URLs you can't configure multiple URLs for each of these (or if someone know the way, I'd appreciate if you left me a comment).

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