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Great tools for web developers pt. 3

The third in the series of tools for web developers is for the ones that don't want or don't have the option to install any software or addons and just need a quick access to a tool for inspecting DOM

1. Mouseover DOM inspector v. 2 - MODIv2

This thing is pure JavaScript, DHTML and CSS so you really don't need anything else for inspecting a DOM of a certain page. All you need is to bookmark a link on the help homepage:

Tools For Web Designers Pt. 3 - 01

And then go to the page you want to inspect the DOM, and next just call the script from your favourites.

Tools For Web Designers Pt. 3 - 02

And you're already exploring the DOM.

Tools For Web Designers Pt. 3 - 03

It doesn't contain as many tools as the previously described toolbars, but it's a very good solution for quick start and instant DOM inspection.

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