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Stability and performance update for Windows Vista

Yesterday evening my laptop with Vista already got too slow for normal work that I started to think about reinstalling. But instead I decided to use the performance tools in control panel and I made serious maintenance plus I turned off some features like visual styles.

An improvment in performance was immediate. And then suddenly a baloon pops up from my system tray explaining that there are solutions to my Vista problems (format? :-)). Desiring the better performance I follow the link and download the update. For all here's the link to KB article from which you can download the update for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Vista.

After installing the patch and restart - the difference is obvious. Performance is better.

The best performance improvement I notice is that my SharePoint Designer crashes immediately instead of freezing for 2 minutes first :-)

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Anonymous said...

no offense but what do you see in vista? wvista is not what i have expected. i had vista for about 30 minutes and after that i removed it. i had nothing else installed except ati drivers, drivers for sb audigy 4 and samsung lcd (all for wvista 64bit). no other programs, games, applications etc. but my computer kept on freezing. all i wanted to install was usb receiver for wireless (the manufacturer has only xp drivers). my computer was freezing before but when i tried to use this device... it was horrible. that i would change my hardware because of vista? no way, i rather don't have vista. i have a feeling that users are very limited with wvista. you can't do things with vista what you do with xp for example. that's why i say ppl are limited with vista. and this will go on for a few years but then again i do not want to be limited :). i do not have time to search in forums what is wrong with something and how to solve it. im end-user and i expect programs to work, its is not my job to look (search) for solutions. if microsoft can't make compatible program it's their problem. maybe it is time we turn away from microsoft and focus our energy on opensource. this was my opinion and i meant no harm. by the way i have a legal copy of vista.

Boris Gomiunik said...

Hehe, you're absolutely right. There are countless' times that Windows Vista has given me a headache. You can ask even my colleagues in the office, hoe many times a crashed program made me unbearable.

Why to I continue... For all the flaws it has, it comes also with some useful features, mostly addictive is the start menu search. And I must confess, that performance degrades at a much slower rate than in Windows XP. Also in Windows XP I experienced much more attacks from Web than in Vista. Where I see huge benefit is in less proffesional computer users - not Knowlege workers. The only pitty is that you need a new (Vista Compatible) computer.

Is it prematurely born - absolutely yes. This thing should be published with SP1 and not before. But I try to stick with it for a while, because I see that there are a lot of improvements coming for it. And as you probably read in some previous posts it's a challenge I love to fix some of the errors. (don't ask why, I don't know either...)

It's incompatible? Again yes. I can't use one of the office printers anymore :). I believe that the step from XP to Vista is HUGE and with very dramatical changes in the core.

I appreciate your comment and as I mentioned before, I agree. Good thing is that we have downgrade assurance and I bet the people at Microsoft are sweatin' their ... off improving the whole product. After all - this update is one of the results of this effort.

Sushant Bhatia said...

WOW. I have NEVER had a problem with Vista. In fact, when I do a reinstall on my system, vista is installed and logging in under 20 min. No need to download drivers or any such stuff for me.

Of course, the reason I am able to do all this is because I built my own machine from choice parts from excellent sources. Not only that, my machine was an XP machine that I converted into Vista. Not only that, I've gone ahead and done the same for my work desktop and laptop too. I don't see the need to go back to XP. Never had a crash. Never lost data. Never got hacked.

Oh and I love UAC too :-)

And I don't work for M$ either.