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Adding webparts to other SharePoint pages than homepage and webpart page

Recently I wanted to add some text descriptions to the "NewForm.aspx" and "EditForm.aspx". I remembered a trick Pedro Serrano showed me some time ago. It works for SharePoint 2.0 and SharePoint 3.0.

All you need to add to the page are the

This opens the Task pane for adding webparts. So now you can add any webpart to the page. Some practical uses are to add Content Editor Webparts to the page or related lists,...

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Dan said...

where do i add the code in the newform.aspx file?? sorry but new to this.

Boris Gomiunik said...

Sorry for not being clear in the post. All you need to do is to add this in the url after newform.aspx

You also need to be logged in

Anonymous said...

Very helpful tip, thanks!