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Deployment of ERTE

There were some questions about how to deploy the ERTE solution that I've prepared on Codeplex (for inserting embeddable content to SharePoint Enhanced Rich Text Field). So I've prepared a video on how to deploy it.

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Jose Antonio said...

Hi Boris,
just as a suggestion: I think you should include a "phrase" or texts that makes more easy to find the ERTE solution.
SOmething like: "ERTE the solution for embeding flash video into a SharePoint site". Otherwise will be difficult to find.

Good luck and congratulations for the initiative.

Other tip: send a newsletter for all Small Business Specialists in SLO. I can post something for all PALS... just make me remember :)

Michael Gannotti said...

Boris you flipping flat out ROCK!!!!!!!!
Just tried on a test subsite and worked like a charm. :-)

Michael Gannotti said...

Just posted this vid on this. You rock!!!

Slash71 said...


This is certainly the most useful CodePlex SharePoint project of the past few years, so THANK YOU man! I've been frustrated for so long by Microsoft inability to offer video embedding in blog, which is an absolute basic need for good blogging platforms!

Slash71 said...

Boris - ERTE works great on IE7, but it doesn't render on IE6. The icon and the pop-up work great, but the embedded video (or whatever I insert) doesn't display on IE6. Is this a known issue?

Boris Gomiunik said...

Hi, Slash71!

First thanks for the great comment. If you're embedding code from youtube, one proffessor that I was working with was having the same problem. He discovered that by omitting the <object>, <param>... tags and leaving only <embed&gz; code it worked. I'll note this as a bug for fixing in the CodePlex. Thank you for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. We appreciate your work. Our testing has shown an IE6 issue as well. We do see that it works when only the embed tags are present (when the other tags are stripped out). Hope this helps. Thanks again.

Alex R said...

It seems that just having the embed code would be OK for PC IE/Firefox and MAC Firefox/Safari. What do you think? Could you have the javascript trim left of the first embed mention and trim right of the first embed mention?

Boris Gomiunik said...

This is what I have in mind for next update to the code. Thanks for testing the IE6 and providing the feedback.

I could use some help with localization of the script. Could you provide some help? All it's needed is to translate one line.

Alex R said...

What is the one line to translate from what to what language?

Boris Gomiunik said...

You can find the line and the instructions on

Which ever LCID language you can add is cool!

Slash71 said...

I'll do the French version for you.

Do you anticipate to get out of beta? Companies like mine don't like to go live with beta products...

Slash71 said...

Here is the French version. Not sure where you want to put it, so I'll just go ahead and insert it here:

var erte1036 = new Array(”Parametres de configuration”,”Texte de remplacement”,”Ce texte sera affiche dans le flux RSS a la place de l'objet insere.”,”Code Embed”,”Coller le code HTML de l'object ici.”,”Inserer”,”Fermer”); //French

Slash71 said...

I had no luck inserting Google Docs Gadgets. More specifically, here's what I tried:
- Create a Google Docs Spreadsheet
- insert a visualization plugin (e.g. a simple chart)
- click on the upper right corner of the plugin, select Publish Gadget
- Google will offer a script... /script code to insert in an HTML page.

Mr School Administrator said...

We have 1200 students, all with blog sites. Is there a way of making this addition without going to each of the blogs master pages?

Is there a way of implementing this across new blog sites? How would I edit the template for new blogs?

M Sampson said...

This works ok for the administrator user or any user in the domain admin group (I.e: me) but it won't work for staff or students.
It doesn't show the <>icon nor does it show the embedded clips that I've already put in.
It shows them under my logon, but not for anyone else.
Is there any permissions you can set on the .js and .gif file? or any other permissions I need to set?

Anonymous said...

You made my week! A lot of folks at my company have been asking for this type of solution. Well done!

Now a couple of questions. I tried this solution with a wiki library. I found that the icon appears only for the two default wiki pages, welcome and how to use. But any page I create has a blank in the icon spot. Any idea why that is?

This solution only works for shockwave files. We have many videos using other formats, how can the embed code be changed to accommodate other formats?


Shao-Lee said...

Hi Boris ! Thank you so much for ERTE. This enhanced the Sharepoint-Blog immensely. Very well done :-)

Anonymous said...


Looks great but unable to get the button to appear? I have confirmed the js is in the correct location by typing the url in directly. I have viewed the source and can see the script below the /body tag but nothing?

I am not trying to use in a blog but have created a page and editing the content so the rich text box editor appears.

Any ideas.


es said...

Hi Boris,

Thank you for posting the video. Do you have a printable text version of the 'deployment of erte' instructions?

Boris Gomiunik said...

short instructions can be found here: