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Just released: Enhanced Rich Text Field Extended

I was already writing and showing how to embed Flash animations in a SharePoint Blog or any Enhanced Rich Text Field.

Watching MIke Gannotti's video about what I was already presenting he had a good point, the solution is not so user-friendly.

So I changed the methodology a bit. Now the simple-to-deploy solution offers the following features:

1. Embed almost any HTML code snippet
2. Additional button in the Rich Text Toolbar to help you embed

3. A User Interface for pasting the code snippet

No server-side code is included. To see more and download the JavaScript please visit

The deployment instructions are on the homepage and in the release zip file.

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Thorsten said...

Hey great idea, but the enhanced RTF does not work correctly at my environment. I allways get some delay "loading the scripts" and some script errors... maybe you could help me out... thx

Boris Gomiunik said...

The fastest way is to pack the part that is not a function into one function and then use the jquery to call the script when the DOM is ready.

Jaikumar Sathish Babu said...

Please add LCID - 2070 for Portuguese (Portugal) in the ERTE

Boris Gomiunik said...

@jaikumar sathish babu:
I'd need the portugese translation. Could you perhaps help me?

All it's needed is to translate the phrases in an array:

var erte2070 = new Array("Please inputtt details","Alt Text","This will be displayed in RSS feeds","Embed Code","Paste your Embed code here","Insert","Close"); //portugese

Spyderbyte said...

Is there any way to add the script information somewhere else besides the Master Page? I only ask as I work in a very large company that requires an act of god to have something added or changed to the Master Pages.

Boris Gomiunik said...

Yes, you can upload the script to a document library and using content editor webparts you can embed the code. The downside is that you have to make it in every page that you want to use the ERTE in - newform, editform and also the pages where you need the video displayed.
How to add a ContentEditor webpart in any SharePoint Page? Please review my other post:

Charlotte said...

Dear Boris,

Thank you for the great tool!! With blogs it works perfect in my environment. With wiki's only on the homepage and on the "how to page", when you create other wikipages, the button is gone. Do you also have this experience?