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Please note that this blog is discontinued here. All the posts are also coppied to my new blog at
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Test move of my blog + a new post on the new one

I've been trying to move for a while. Still while this service is great, I've decided to migrate my blog to another platform. (No, still not SharePoint - that comes next :)). But now you can find my blog (currently) on a new address:

I've added lots of stuff to that blog - like the support pages for my ERTE project (which I'll be expanding), code highlighting (at least in some posts and for future posts), etc. And there is also wider space for my screenshots and code snippets.

You don't have to update the RSS, if you're subscribed to FeedBurner, If not, please update your subscribtion to

If you check the new site, there is already an interesting post awaiting for you about a different way of sorting and grouping which enables nested items.

Hope this move will work, otherwise we'll meet back here on webBorg :)

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