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Blog easier

Even though all of the blog providers enable very easy posting to blog, I still prefer to do it offline. One option is already presented - with Word 2007, which really simplifies the posting and work with pictures.

Another good program for blogging is Windows Live Writer. And I'm using this one. Why this one? Because it has some really neat features, a lot of plugins available, etc. A nice thing is that it can also ping the servers for you, so you don't have to do it manually. Below is a list of ping servers I've found. In writer you enter those under Tools --> Preferences --> Ping servers:

What would be also very neat is that it would be able to post to SharePoint (so I could use it also for my other blog). Other thing is that it could have those neat effects for pictures and save pictures also to SharePoint Library.

On the other hand Word is missing the auto ping functionality, editing the code, etc. So: Word team and Writer team: please get together and exchange knowlege :)

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