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My God! 2-way Sync between excel and WSS is GONE!?!

I love the new Microsoft Office 2007. It really has a lot of improvements. But now I have a problem. I'm used to exporting a list into excel, making advanced editing there and then synchronizing the data back to the SharePoint list.

But soon I realized (after a long search) that the button to synchronize data back to SharePoint is GONE!

Thanks to my friend, Pedro Serrano for confirming that fear... Here's a post in his blog. I've already installed a Send a smile tool and sent couple of frowns because of this functionality depreciated. Some of the solutions I'm using are built based on this functionality. Please, MSFT, bring it back.


Jose said...

It looks to me that this have something to be with the server side of Excel. Im not well informed about it but it sounds like a typical Microsoft behavior. It is not bad... but it pushes to adopt more of their products.

Jose said...

I followed the link to Pedro's blog.. and he is talking about Access... so it is not the server side of Excel... looks like it is the Access losss of sense. Anyway... it is Microsoft pushing us to adopt more of their products

Anonymous said...

you have to download the add-in. then it will work.

Boris Gomiunik said...

Thanks for the tip. I saw this one. But this one only enables synchronization of lists that you publish from excel.