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Yeeee! Forgot to post. Recently (18.9.) there was an event for Microsoft's partners in Slovenia. At the end I've also had a presentation with 2 of my friends. We've all come to the finals so we've earned the title Vistaman, to prove that we can present the new Office and Vista. Congratulations to Matjaž Šircelj that won the competition and to Simon Jurič for also a very good presentation!

How did I remember that just now? Because our Ministry of internal affairs - the police today kindly reminded me about that date... More specifically when I was driving there ;)

Guess a prize comes with a price ;-)


Andrej said...

Uh, too bad about the remainder. :(
Hope it wasn't too costly.

Is your slide deck posted online somewhere?

Boris Gomiunik said...

You mean the "plaketa" that I've received? No. I can try to scan it.